My name is Gustavo Maia, I’m a 33 years old Portuguese motion designer / 3D artist residing in my birth town Lisbon. I’ve been freelancing in digital arts since 2007, working for clients all around the world (UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Nigeria and so on…) thanks to the best invention in the world after anesthetics: the internet! I also work for Portuguese advertising agencies and production companies, sometimes at distance, sometimes in person.

I’m interested in many forms of digital art, so I mess around with Photoshop / Illustrator / ZBrush and some times even take pictures and post-produce them. Checkout some of my artwork here

I’m also a certified instructor lecturing some courses once in a while, usually Cinema 4D. I currently teach at Flag – Lisbon

Almost done…

I’ve created where I share some Xpresso rigs and tutorials with the community and run a youtube channel where I host these tutorials and some of my work.

Be my guest and check out my work. Don’t forget to get in touch if you believe you might need my services.

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